Substitute Information
Please contact Debby Bliven at (860) 868-6100 or
with any questions regarding the application process. 


To be considered for substituting, an online application must be submitted with required documentation to Central Office for processing.  Region 12 uses AESOP online system for sub assignments.  Please click the link below to begin an application.   

Regional School District 12 pays a substitute teacher $80.00 per day for the first ten days. After ten days, the rate is $85.00 per day.  Any substitute teacher hired for one position that is scheduled to last 20 days or more, will be paid $110 per day beginning on the first day of the assignment.  If a teacher serves in a long term sub assignment lasting 90 days or more, they will be paid the per diem rate of the BA step 1 of the teachers agreement.  

Substitute teachers are required by Connecticut State Statute to hold a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution.  Please include a copy of your college transcript with your application if you are applying to be a substitute teacher.

Regional School District 12 pays $11.00 per hour for a paraprofessional, educational assistant, secretarial or custodian substitute.  All require a high school diploma.

Regional School District 12 pays $150.00 per day for Registered Nurse substitutes. Requirements include current State of Connecticut license (copy required).  

The State of Connecticut requires all employees to be fingerprinted within thirty days of notification of employment.  Fingerprinting is done through EdAdvance and their brochure is available below.  Please call them directly to set up an appointment.  Once you have been fingerprinted, EdAdvance will provide you with a confirmation receipt. Please forward a copy of the receipt to the Central Office of Region 12.  

Thank you for your interest in Regional School District 12.   

Application Forms:

Application for substitute employment

Fingerprinting Information

AESOP Online (our online substitute notification system)

Substitute Handbook